February 2015
February 6, 2015
Harmony Food & Produce
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Chadron, NE 69337
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Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

There is a hint of Spring in the air and I am glad to say that I am ahead of schedule! Many of you have been loyal patrons and friends for a number of years. Others of you are new to the farm/business; regardless, "Hello" to all of you!
Many of you know that this will be my 22nd year of farming. Last year I transistioned to a full-time farmer and enjoyed every minute of it! (I also had part-time work as a teacher, welder and weld inspection service in the "off-season".) I have learned much each and every year and anticipate much the same this year. The "Buyers Club" CSA was very succesful and I am offereing it again this year, as well as the basic form of CSA. I am also anticipating continued participation in the Black Hills Farmers Market.

Additionally, I am making initial offerings of grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, farm- fresh eggs, a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, and possibly honey. I have had to make adjustments in price to reflect actual costs and a fair profit; without which, I would not be able to justify the effort of making this available to you. Because of anticipated increased interest in these farm products, it will be even more important than ever to make my production plans early, in an effort to have not too much/ not too little available. Having said that, I am making incentive for those who book their orders promptly.

CSA's have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Last year, I offered two forms of it: the traditional form where a farmer offers a seasonal package, quantities and varieties of farmers choice for 22 weeks (June-October), once per week, delivered to Rapid City (usually at the farmers market), for a flat rate of $395. Options to this package include eggs (1dz/wk for 22 weeks at $110), chickens (6 for $105), and grass-fed beef (quarter for $800 or $8.20/lb, which ever is greater at time of delivery).

The second form of CSA is the "Buyers Club CSA" that I invented last year. I believe it to be a generally better value, with much more flexibility to the customer. It works like this: The customer pays a $50.00 membership fee, which is rebated at the end of the season if total purchases for the season (June-Oct 2015) exceed $900.00, any combination of produce, eggs, chicken and beef. Additionally, customers pre-pay for a minimum of $345 (non-refundable)worth of season purchases (if beef quarters are desired, an addtional $800/ quarter deposit is also required). This pre- pay customer credit may be used to purchase any combination of chicken, eggs, vegetables and fruit, at $15.00 minimum, per transaction. You are not bound to order every week, and if you are away, you may exercise an option to let a friend or family member order for you or themselves. You do not lose your value that week(s), as a regular CSA does. Also, on fruit and vegetable purchases, Buyers Club members are given a 5% discount on regular published market pricing. Pricing on both forms of CSA's will increase 15% effective April 1, 2015 to allow me to make effective and timely production plans; be sure to mention this to your friends, family and associates. Customers making a referral resulting in a CSA sale will be given a $25.00 credit on their account. And as universally promoted, the risk of any particular crop failure or loss is shared by the entire membership, but the CSA members also enjoy first priority to harvests, over market customers. Your Buyers Club order is offered weekly, and you select the varieties and quanties best suited to your household tastes and needs, of any particular weeks offerings.

As always, you have the assurance that all food produced on this farm is done without synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. I endeavor to avoid GMO seedstock, and to the degree possible, feedstock.
Your orders of beef, chicken and eggs are also encouraged now; see order form. Payment options include major credit/debit cards, checks or cash.
I hope my explanations have been clear; please feel free to contact me with your questions. The farm is open for guided tours; just contact me so I can be sure to be available to you. Your interest and patronage "keeps me in the game" and I am grateful for that- thank you!

Thanks again and may God bless you!

Lyn Miller

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