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Hi- welcome to my farm website! Thanks for your interest in what I do to help families and individuals like yourself eat healthy, local foods. I’ve been doing it since 1995 and have absolutely enjoyed meeting people just like you!

Have you ever been in a conversation and someone said, “I’d like to eat in a healthier manner, but I find that sourcing nutritious, chemical-free local food can be a chore.”; have you heard something like that, or perhaps felt the same way yourself? I definitely understand that and have spent many years learning what people want when it comes to their food and implementing ways to make eating healthier more convenient.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter- I promise to offer tips and “how-to” information, (occasionally a farm video) that is useful, interesting and maybe even sometimes entertaining from my farm, and only occasionally have a “commercial”.

“At least once in our lives we will need a doctor, lawyer, policeman and preacher. Three times a day, every day, we need a farmer.” – Midwest Messenger