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Let me introduce myself and my farm to you…

My name is Lyn Miller and I grew up with the desire to follow in the steps of both sets of grandparents and be a farmer, as well as enjoying gardening with my parents in the community garden.

I started farming in 1995, growing chemical-free produce for my friends and neighbors, selling at a farmer’s market in Alliance, NE, in a very modest beginning. Gradually I added more types of produce, as well as meats, eggs, honey and so forth. In 2008 I moved the farming operations to Chadron, NE and began serving the people of the Black Hills region in South Dakota, through farmers markets, CSA’s and one-to-one exchanges. I have also had opportunities to promote and advise this type of farming to friends of different cultures in other places around the globe. I’m quite grateful for the opportunities extended to me by many kind people like yourself, and a very benevolent Creator.

I am committed to being the best steward of the resources entrusted to me, including the soil, water, atmosphere, plant and animal species. I avoid the use of non- organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides on my crops, and growth hormones in my animals. To the degree possible, I avoid these things in my feedstock as well. My personal and business mission is: “To feed people physically and spiritually, locally and globally”. My farm business is the pursuit of these values.

I hope you will take a moment to to learn more about me and my farm through the limited (2-3 times per month) email newsletter of mine. It features helpful tips and information from my farm on topics that are geared toward things that will likely interest, inform, inspire and maybe even entertain you! And yes, once in a while I will even throw in a “commercial” for my farm business, to let you know what I have available to you, and how you can further connect with me.

Thank you!