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An “ala carte” buyers club for the products listed above with EXCLUSIVE benefits. Eating healthy with convenience!

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What is a CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) acknowledges the connection between the farmer and those who buy the food from the farm. The consumer buys a share of the farms output upfront and becomes a partner in the farms production, crop risk and harvest. Here at Harmony, I do numerous things to mitigate the risk factor to the point it’s essentially a “non-issue”.

How does it work?

The common model basically involves the customer paying a one-time fee for a season’s worth of pre-packed farm produce. That payment is upfront to assist the farmer in planting and other production decisions, as well as helping with a lopsided cash flow at planting time.

What is a “Buyers Club Super CSA”?

There can be problems, I have experienced in years past, in offering a regular CSA: getting things in your package you don’t want, too much of this, not enough of that, missing packages because you are away that particular week, only produce available (fruit and vegetables, no meat, honey, etc.), limited seasonality, and so forth. Several years ago, after listening to these concerns and watching national trends, I invented what I have called “Buyers Club CSA”. And now, this year, I am expanding it to a “Super CSA”- meaning I am endeavoring to offer you the convenience of “one stop shopping” for your local food needs. Not only “convenience”, but “flexibility” as well. Some of the ways you will experience these features include:

  • Ordering only the produce you want, “ala carte”, from a weekly product menu.
  • Year-round ordering (48 weeks per year) of seasonally adjusted weekly menus.
  • A broad spectrum product menu, featuring items not only including fruits and vegetables, but also whole and cut chicken (and other chicken products) in my new vacuum seal packs (beginning summer 2020), beef (choices here too!), eggs, honey, beeswax, apple cider, berries (including Aronia), pork options and more.
  • Multiple drop-off/delivery options weekly, most weeks throughout the year.
  • Choosing the timing and processing options for your beef and pork options.
  • Using your pre-paid purchase credit for deliveries you select (regularly or occasionally- Rapid City, Chadron, ???) Otherwise, orders can be picked up at drop-off points without delivery fee.
  • Exclusive discounts (from farmers market pricing) on select items (vegetables, eggs, meats).
  • Club members are served before farmers market offerings (members, collectively, have first choice- which means best quality and first opportunity of what’s available.)

Here’s an example of what one household’s 12 month “Buyers Club Super CSA” might look like:

A “Buyers Club” membership fee, refunded when 12 month purchases exceed $1000.00 $150
42 dozen eggs (over 12 months in this example) $210
18 weeks (or more, or less) of produce purchases for, let’s say, $15/ week $270
12 pastured poultry chickens@ $14/each $168
2 quarts of local honey $40
¼ beef (85-110 lbs., weight varies@ $8.50/lb) $765
REAL apple cider; 4 half gallons $24
Aronia berries 4- 1lb packages $40
½ Hog (pork) $115
TOTAL $1782

Now, a few notes… Those numbers represent the hypothetical purchases choices of one small household, and you might agree that the “total” represents only a fraction of most household’s annual grocery budget. Also, because this fictitious grocery list total price is over the initial pre-paid purchase credit of $850, the customer would make additional payment for the balance of purchases. However, keep in mind that these prices do not reflect EXCLUSIVE Buyers Club discounts on vegetable, meat and egg purchases; the actual amount would be less. Additionally, once a Club member exceeds $1000 in 12 months (or less) purchases, the membership fee is credited to their account for additional purchases of product. Prices may fluctuate with market trends.

Keep in mind that with the purchases of animal meats, you are actually buying a “share” in live animals. I will dress the chicken for you as a convenience and assist you in making arrangements to have your large animal processed (beef and pork).

Product availability will vary throughout the year, but my goal is to make many products available year-round, and others available longer than normal for our region. I am striving to make this offer the most convenient option you have for local food. Further, I am looking to add additional items to the menu, as they become available.

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